Hurst Baptist Church
Welcome to the Biggest Little Church in

About Hurst Baptist Church

Why are we called "The Biggest Little Church In The World"…because of our attitude. Not an attitude that believes we are better than anyone else, but an attitude that believes size is not important, it's calling that matters. Regularly we take on tasks which normally only churches three-times our size would consider undertaking and we accomplish them.

We are that church were everyone knows your name. We are a church of family; we may have different last names but in Christ we are one.

If you are looking for a church where you can make a difference that would be Hurst Baptist; there is a job for everyone who wants to minister within their Spiritual Gift. Our members come from a variation of denominational backgrounds; our style of worship is eclectic, and weekly it is the goal of our Pastor to give us something to help get us through the week ahead.

If you are tired of being lost in the crowd come try us. Most who have joined our fellowship after one visit have said, "I think I have found my new home."