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A Woman's Point of View

By Vicki L. Wallace


Vicki L. WallaceOctober 2010 will always be remembered as the month we lost a cherished friend of the family and gained a new joyful member.  You see in early October we lost one of beloved Scottie dogs, Tartan.  While we grieved the loss of this beloved dog we truly began to worry about our other little guy Kilt.  He and Tartan had been crate mates and had been together 24 hours a day 7 days week for 11 years, and now Kilt was alone.

Johnnie and I did what we could, but we could not replace the companionship he had felt with Tartan.  The vet told us the best thing we could do for Kilt was to get him a new friend, and so began the journey.  We immediately decided we wanted to try and adopt from either a shelter or a rescue and we really wanted another black Scottie.  So Johnnie and I did something some might consider crazy, we prayed about it.  We went to God and we asked Him to find us the perfect dog.  We also let Him know we wanted a black Scottie, 3-5 years old and we even thought we might like a female dog.  We had males for 11 years; it would be nice to have another woman in the house.

And God being God answered our prayers and not quietly.  We filled out the adoption forms for two different area rescues, one was like a cloak and dagger operation, we knew they were not a fit for us.  But the other was warm and inviting.  About a day or two after we had filled out the forms Johnnie received a picture of a dog they had available for adoption.  She was a black 3 year old Scottie and her name…Kiltee.  One look and we knew she would soon be ours.

So October 30, 2010 a little Scottie named Kiltee (we renamed her Keltee to remove some confusion), came into our home.  She was from a rescue and was thin and her hair not quite grown in.  We put her and Kilt in the backyard together to see how they would get along.  Needless to say they were fast friends.  For the first time in weeks Kilt ate dinner, after all he had someone to eat with.

That first night I walked into the kitchen were they both were and found that Kilt had crawled up on the bed and was laying down next to her, just like he did with Tartan.  A bond formed and a home was once again complete.

I had always been told that rescue dogs love their new owners like no other, and that could not be truer than with Keltee.  When I come home in the afternoons she and Kilt run to greet me.  She rolls over on her back and says ‘pet my tummy’ and Kilt stands there and says, ‘rub my head’.  She stays close to us no matter what we are doing, and that tail of hers is always wagging.

I tell this story for two reasons; one is to remind us that no matter what our need or desire God is always up for the request.  We went to Him and asked for the perfect dog, and He supplied our request.  But second is to explore the following ‘to love as a dog!’

Our dogs sleep on a bed in our bedroom, when the alarm goes off in the morning we immediately have two dogs at our feet, tails wagging and talking.  They are excited to start their day and to see us.  If we leave for any amount of time they are right at the door when we return just so eager to see us.  But what I love most about a dog is that when they want you to know they love you or when they want some attention, they just come over a tell you.

Our dogs never hold a grudge.  They never run from us when they see us coming.  And they never pass up an opportunity to go for a ride or a walk.

What if we lived our lives and loved like a dog.  Stopped holding onto past hurts and disappointments.  What if we ran to greet our loved ones when they came home and showered them with kisses and affection?  What if we never passed up an opportunity to be with our friends and family?  What if when we needed love we simply told God and let Him give us that love and affection we often crave.

Ours are two of the happiest, friendliest and loveable dogs you will ever meet.  They give love because they know love.  They share love because they receive love.  Keltee came to us in late October underweight and kind of scraggly.  Today she is a healthy, happy and beautiful dog.  A great example of the difference love makes.

How would your life be different if you could adopt a dog’s attitude towards the world?  I am heading home now to rub a dog’s tummy and scratch another behind the ear, because love makes a dogs tail wag.

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